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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We offer comprehensive eye exams using the most advanced technology. We take our time to listen to your story and develop a complete picture of your ocular and medical history.

Comprehensive eye exams for seniors

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are essential for preserving good vision and general eye health. These exams are not just about determining if you need glasses or a new prescription, but they also play a key role in detecting early signs of eye disease and conditions that could impact your vision and health. By catching these issues early, it’s often possible to treat them effectively, ensuring your eyes remain healthy for years to come.

Regular Visit to Optometrist for eye exam

Benefits of Having Regular Visits to Optometrists for Eye Exam

  • Early Detection of Eye Conditions: Regular eye exams can help detect eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration.
  • Updated Prescriptions: Ensure your eyeglass or contact lens prescription is up to date for optimal vision.
  • Eye Health Check: Monitor the overall health of your eyes and detect systemic health issues like diabetes and high blood pressure.
  • Vision Comfort: Identify and correct issues like eye strain, which can affect your comfort, especially if you spend long hours in front of screens.
  • Children’s Vision Care: Track the development of your child’s vision, which is crucial for their academic and social growth.

What Happens During An Eye Exam?

During an eye exam, our optometrist will conduct a series of tests to assess your vision and the health of your eyes. These tests range from simple ones, like reading an eye chart, to complex tests using high-tech equipment to examine the inside of your eyes. Our optometrist will check common vision conditions and problems like nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and eye diseases. The exam is comfortable and straightforward, providing vital information about your eye health.

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  • Quality Materials: We prioritize durability and comfort, using high-quality materials for our eyewear.
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Role of Technology in Eye Exams

Technology plays a significant role in modern eye exams. It allows for more precise measurements and a better understanding of your eye health. Our advanced equipment can detect eye diseases at an early stage, provide accurate prescriptions, and ensure a more comfortable experience during the exam. This technology ensures that your eye exam is thorough, efficient, and informative.

Advanced technology used for senior eye exams
Eye Exam Q&A

Scheduling an eye exam? Here are some eye exam questions to help you before your eye exam.

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At Westpoint Optical, we recommend that adults have a comprehensive eye examination every one to two years. However, the frequency can vary depending on age, risk factors, and whether you wear glasses or contact lenses. Children should have routine eye exams to ensure proper eye development and detect any vision issues affecting their learning and development.

Many insurance plans do cover comprehensive eye exams. At Westpoint Optical, we accept various insurance plans to make your visit as convenient as possible. We recommend checking with your insurance provider to understand the details of your coverage before scheduling an appointment with us.

A comprehensive eye exam at Westpoint Optical typically takes about 30 to 60 minutes. This time allows our optometrists to thoroughly examine your vision and the health of your eyes, ensuring we provide the best care and recommendations for your eye health.

Comprehensive eye exams at Westpoint Optical are generally safe and pose minimal risks. Our experienced optometrists use the latest technology and methods to ensure your eye exam is effective and comfortable. If you have specific concerns, our team is always ready to address them and provide you with the necessary information.

You should schedule a comprehensive eye exam at Westpoint Optical if you notice any changes in your vision, experience eye strain or discomfort, or if it’s been over a year since your last exam. Additionally, if you have a family history of eye problems or health conditions that can affect your eyes, such as diabetes, it’s important to schedule regular exams.