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Eye Care Tips for the Holiday Season

Eye Care Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is here, and while we’re busy with shopping and preparations, it’s important to take care of our eyes. At Westpoint Optical in Brampton West, we prioritize your eye safety all year round. Here are 7 easy tips to keep your eyes healthy during the holidays:

Be mindful of excessive screen time: 

We tend to spend a lot of time on screens during the holidays, whether shopping online or connecting with loved ones. To avoid eye strain, take a break every 20 minutes. Look away from the screen and focus on something around 20 feet away to give your eyes a rest.

Protect your eyes from hazards: 

Decorating trees and lighting candles can harm your eyes. Wear protective eyewear, like glasses or sunglasses, when dealing pine needles and branches. Keep pointed ornaments far away from children to avoid accidents.

Eat and drink wisely:

Your diet affects your eye health. Include eye-healthy foods in your holiday meals, such as salmon, sunflower seeds, meat, sweet potatoes, spinach, and carrots. Drink alcohol in moderation as excessive intake can lead to dry eyes and blurry vision.

Consider using eye drops:

If you live in a cold climate, indoor heating can dry out your eyes. If you experience dryness, use lubricating eye drops to replenish moisture and improve comfort. Consult your optometrist for the right eye drops for your needs.

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Choose eye-safe gifts: 

When buying gifts for children, avoid toys that could harm their eyes. Follow age recommendations on toy packages and provide proper eye protection for toys that involve flying projectiles or foam dart bullets. Supervise children while they play with these toys for added safety.

Practice good makeup hygiene:

During the holidays, many people wear heavy eye makeup. It’s important to remove all makeup before bedtime to avoid eye irritation, inflammation, and infection. Proper makeup removal helps prevent dry eye symptoms.

Wear sunglasses:

Sunglasses are crucial year-round, even during the holidays. If it snows where you live, wearing UV-blocking sunglasses can protect your eyes from “snow blindness” or photokeratitis, a painful condition caused by the sun reflecting off snow.

At Westpoint Optical in Brampton West, we wish you a joyful, healthy, and safe holiday season. If you need eye care services, trust us to meet your needs. Contact us today to book an appointment and ensure the well-being of your eyes.


How do you care for your eyes in winter?

In winter, cold weather can cause dryness and discomfort in your eyes. Here are some easy tips to help:

  • Wear sunglasses outdoors to protect your eyes from UV rays and harsh winds.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking fluids throughout the day to maintain stable tear film.
  • Use a cool-mist humidifier at home or work to add moisture to the air.
  • Avoid directing heaters towards your eyes, as they can cause rapid tear evaporation.
  • If you experience discomfort, visit your local optometrist for assistance.

What are safe holiday gifts for children?

There are plenty of eye-safe games and toys children can enjoy. Consider gift ideas like building toys, puzzles, card games, non-toxic paint sets, easels, coloring books, memory games, word and picture games, paddle ball, and sports equipment. Avoid toys with flying parts, sharp corners, and firecrackers.