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Eye exam in Toronto - Westpoint Optical

If you require an eye exam in Toronto, look at Westpoint Optical. With our team of experienced optometrists and state-of-the-art equipment, We offer top-notch eye care services for patients of all ages.

Whether you’re due for a routine check-up or experiencing specific vision issues, our knowledgeable staff will ensure that your eyes are thoroughly examined, and any potential problems are identified. The eye exam process at Westpoint Optical is comprehensive, including tests for visual acuity, eye pressure, and overall eye health.

Our friendly and professional atmosphere and commitment to using advanced technology guarantee you’ll receive the highest quality care. Trust Wetpoint Optical for your next eye exam and see the world clearly and confidently.

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Discover the Finest Eye Exam Services in Toronto: Westpoint Optical

Discover the finest eye exam services in Toronto at Westpoint Optical. Our dedicated team of experienced optometrists is committed to providing top-notch eye care for all ages. From comprehensive eye exams to specialized treatments, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and personalized care. Whether you need new glasses, contact lenses, or have specific eye health concerns, our expert staff will guide you through the process with care and professionalism. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, we offer a range of insurance coverage options and welcome walk-in appointments. Experience exceptional eye care at Westpoint Optical and prioritize your vision health today.


Specializing in high-quality handmade eyeglasses and sunglasses by independent eyewear designers.

Wide Range of Eyewear
Solutions after an eye exam

Following a comprehensive eye exam at Westpoint Optical, explore our wide range of eyewear solutions tailored to your unique needs and style preferences. We are perfect whether you require prescription glasses, fashionable frames, or comfortable contact lenses. Our expert opticians will assist you in finding the ideal eyewear that enhances your vision clarity and complements your lifestyle. With a diverse selection of high-quality brands and the latest lens technologies, we ensure you leave our centre with an improved vision and a renewed sense of confidence.

Great selection of stylish designer frame
Eyeglasses / Designer Frames Selection

Discover the perfect blend of fashion and function with our collection of stylish designer frames at Westpoint Optical's Toronto location. With a vast selection of colors and shapes, you can express your unique style while ensuring optimum vision. Embrace the latest trends and explore our curated eyewear options to find the perfect frames that suit your personality and elevate your look.

Comprehensive Eye Exam
Eye Exams​

A Custom Eye Care Plan is essential for optimal vision and eye health. At Westpoint Optical's Toronto, we offer personalized eye care services tailored to individual needs. Our team of experienced optometrists conducts comprehensive eye exams, providing accurate prescriptions and identifying potential issues early on. Access to an extensive range of high-quality eyewear and contact lenses ensures patients receive the best visual solutions for their lifestyle.

contact lens
Contact Lenses​

Get the ultimate vision clarity and style with Custom Contact Glasses, exclusively available at Westpoint Optical. Experience personalized comfort and precision vision correction tailored to your unique needs. Our expert optometrists will carefully assess your eyes and design custom-made contact lenses for optimal comfort and performance. Say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and enter a world of perfect vision. Unlock the true potential of your eyesight with our exceptional Custom Contact Glasses.

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For optimal eye health, it’s recommended to schedule an eye exam at Westpoint Optical annually.

At Westpoint Optical, expect comprehensive tests using advanced technology to assess your vision and eye health with personalized care.

Yes, you can conveniently book an appointment at Westpoint Optical through our online booking system on our website.

Please bring your prescription eyewear, insurance information, and any relevant medical history to your eye exam at Westpoint Optical.

We accept walk-in appointments, though booking in advance is recommended for smoother service.

Westpoint Optical accepts various insurance plans, making eye exams accessible with insurance coverage.

A standard eye exam at Westpoint Optical usually takes around 30 minutes, ensuring a thorough and efficient evaluation.

Certainly! At Westpoint Optical, you can find a wide range of contact lenses to suit your needs with assistance from our experts.

Westpoint Optical stands out with its experienced team, advanced technology, affordability, insurance coverage, and exceptional personalized care.

For any additional queries or to address concerns, contact Westpoint Optical and visit our website for more information.