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Optometry Services Available At Queen Street West, Brampton

Your Optical Team in Brampton Queen Street

Your Vision Matters: Optometry Services Available at Queen Street West, Brampton

Your vision is paramount at Westpoint Optical on Queen Street West in Brampton. Our comprehensive optometry services are designed to cater to all your eye care needs. From detailed eye exams to the management of eye conditions, our experienced opticians use the latest technology to ensure accurate diagnoses and effective treatments. We’re committed to providing personalized care, ensuring each client leaves with improved vision and a better understanding of their eye health.

Our Range of
Optometry Services in Queen Street, Brampton

Great selection of stylish designer frame
Designer Eyeglasses

Enhance your look with our wide array of stylish designer eyeglasses frames that suit every face shape, style preference, and budget. Whether you prefer a classic look or a modern design, we have the perfect pair of glasses to match your personality and aesthetic.

Comprehensive Eye Exam
Comprehensive eye exams

Comprehensive eye exams involve a thorough check of your vision and the health of your eyes. Our professional opticians conduct these exams to detect any vision problems or eye diseases at an early stage, ensuring timely treatment and prevention of any serious complications.

contact lens
Contact lenses and fittings

For those who prefer an alternative to glasses, we offer contact lens fittings. Our expert team ensures a proper fit, provides instructions for lens care, and offers guidance on the safe and healthy use of contact lenses. We have a variety of lenses to cater to different vision needs, ensuring optimal comfort and clarity.

Westpoint Optical Brampton Queen Street

Browse Our Collection of Cool Eyewear Brands

Explore the Westpoint Optical Exclusive Collection, where we blend style with affordability.

  • Ray-Ban: Timeless styles that blend classic and contemporary.
  • Oakley: High-performance eyewear perfect for sports enthusiasts.
  • Prada: Luxurious designs for a touch of elegance.
  • Gucci: Bold and fashionable, making a statement with every pair.
  • Versace: Iconic designs that blend sophistication with modern flair.
  • Nike: Sporty and stylish, ideal for active lifestyles.
  • And Many More!
Collection of Cool Eyewear Brands at Westpoint Optical



Can Opticians Offer
Eyeglasses Prescriptions?

Our licensed opticians are not just about helping you choose the latest frame styles; they are also qualified to prescribe eyeglasses. After a thorough eye examination, they can accurately determine your prescription, ensuring your new glasses look great and enhance your vision perfectly. Trust us to provide eyeglasses that cater to your vision needs and lifestyle preferences.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Singh at westpoint optical
Dr. Singh
Dr. Pham
Dr. Pham

Useful Tips to Scheduling Your Eye Optical Appointment

eye optical appointment at Westpoint Optical

To ensure a smooth and efficient visit at Westpoint Optical, here are some useful tips for scheduling your eye optical appointment:

  • If you require glasses or contact lenses, kindly remember to bring your old pair with you to your appointment.
  • Make a note of any changes in your vision or any symptoms you may be experiencing.
  • Provide a full medical history, including any current medications or allergies.
  • Inform us if you are experiencing any discomfort or issues with your current eyewear or contact lenses.
  • Ensure you arrive 15 minutes in advance to complete any required documentation.
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses for at least 24 hours beforehand if scheduling an eye exam.

By following these tips, you can help our opticians provide the best possible care and service during your appointment.

Tips for Choosing Frames that Complement Your Look

Selecting the right eyeglass frames is crucial as they reflect your style. Here are some tips to help you choose frames that enhance your look:

  • Face Shape: Identify your face shape and choose frames that contrast it. For example, round faces look great with square or rectangular frames.
  • Skin Tone: Opt for frame colors that complement your skin tone. Warmer skin tones go well with shades like brown, beige, or olive green, while cooler skin tones can opt for black, silver, or blue frames.
  • Lifestyle: Consider your daily activities. If you’re sporty, look for durable and flexible frames.
  • Personality: Let your frames reflect your personality. Go bold if you’re outgoing, or choose classic styles for a more understated look


What Our Customers Say

Suhail Bamzena
Read More
A place becomes awesome due to the crew it has. And this place is awesome!!! The team is very helpful when it comes to scheduling and then getting ur optical requirements taken care of. The doctor is very skilled and his team does a fabulous job. My entire family gets their eye exams done here and get their glasses made.
Vinayak Pavate
Read More
The number of reviews and 5 stars speak for themselves. Tafeen has been amazing from the first day I dropped into the store to the day I picked up my glasses. The eye exam is professional and it helps that they discuss the results as well. Good number of glasses to choose from. Also, most importantly, super nice and friendly staff.
Read More
Highly recommend this optical! This was my first time visiting this optical as the reviews were good and the location was close by. Don’t be fooled by the exterior of the location because the inside is nicely renovated and more importantly the quality of service is unmatched! Tafeen and the team made me feel super welcoming and comfortable. The environment feels more like a family environment where the whole team is readily there to assist with any questions. I did my eye exam and also got contacts here. Order was quick and was able to pick it up with a week.
Marquela Nunes
Read More
Mr Tahfeem and Naz were excellent, and so was the Optometrist! Everyone was kind and thorough, and we were able to work within my really limited budget to get me some really nice glasses! I highly recommend this shop, shopping here was truly an experience 😀
Samer Issawi
Read More
Excellent clean and professional place. I came in for a repair and they took care of everything right away for me. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone for their eye are and glasses needs.
Read More
I had good experience with people. Tafeem helped me to sort out with my insurance. Doctors diagnosis was perfect. Overall a great experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of an optometrist in Queen Street West, Brampton, varies depending on the nature of the consultation and type of treatment required, but Westpoint Optical offers competitive pricing focusing on delivering value for money to our potential customers.

Our Optical stores typically operate within standard business hours. However, it’s always a good idea to check specific opening times as some stores may offer extended hours or appointment-only services.

Many optometrists on Queen Street West accept insurance plans, and that includes Westpoint Optical. We understand the importance of eye health and aim to make their services as accessible as possible by accepting a wide range of insurance plans.

Optometrists have a vital role in preserving and promoting optimal eye health. We can detect eye diseases early and prescribe necessary treatments or corrective lenses. Our optometrists provide routine eye examinations and comprehensive consultations to discuss your overall eye health.

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