Comprehensive Eye Exams

Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Regular, comprehensive eye exams are an essential part of ensuring your eyes stay healthy. A comprehensive eye exam will confirm you’re seeing your best and detect eye diseases as soon as possible.


According to the Canadian Optometric Association, adults need an eye exam every 2 years from ages 18 to 64. From age 65 onwards, you should have an eye exam every year. At Westpoint Optical Center, we recommend you visit us for an eye exam at least once per year for optimal eye health.

When you’re at our office for an eye exam, we can discuss the best exam schedule for you. You may need to visit the optometrist more frequently if you have certain eye health concerns, including:

  • Personal history of eye disease
  • Family history of eye disease
  • Certain health conditions
    • Diabetes
    • High blood pressure
  • Previous eye injury or surgery
  • High or changing lens prescription
  • Contact lens use
  • Visual impairment


We begin the eye exam by first discussing your medical history and any concerns you might have. This includes things like dry eyes, digital eye strain, headaches, and vision changes. By the time your eye exam is done, we want you to fully understand your vision and eye health.

Next, we test your ocular structures for overall health and diseases using the latest technology. This includes measuring your intraocular pressure and, depending on your risk factors, may include retinal imaging. We’ll also do a visual acuity test to measure your vision and update your prescription if needed.

Finally, we end every eye exam with a personalized styling appointment. Whether you need a new prescription or you’re just looking to switch up your look, we can help you find the perfect pair of glasses and sunglasses.

At Westpoint Optical, we put your family’s requirements first. Converse with us about how we can assist you with keeping a sound vision. Call us today:(905-488-1626) or Visit Our Store to discover our eye test arrangement accessibility. or then again to demand a meeting with one of our Brampton eye specialists.